Thursday, December 6, 2012

Linda Stanbridge at Winchester Galleries Modern

Spanish Series # 4

Opening Reception
Saturday, December 8 , 2012
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Linda Stanbridge in attendance
pianist Tzenka Dianova will perform at 3:00 pm.

Linda Stanbridge lives and works in Victoria. Her art practice investigates the optics of spatial orientation through the use of a wide range of materials and process. In her current series, raku-fired ceramic is the exclusive medium.
A visit which Linda Stanbridge made in 2008 to southern Spain (Andalucia) inspired this new series. The area's architecture and geography, together with such paintings as "Guernica" have given rise in her work to new subtleties of tone and balance.
A key to her work is the cerebral transcendent quality imparted by the use of pure geometric optics. Grounded by the earthy texture and colour of the clay, the aesthetics are also informed by art historical reference and high technical ability.
The op art element allows the eye to see two alternating images and may be likened to the involuntary act of breathing. Both phenomena speak of something beyond conscious control or reason. A Zen koan might be evoked and sudden intuitive perception invited.
The titles are not representational but spring from her memory or feeling about various facets of the trip.

  Winchester Galleries Modern
758 Humboldt Street (beside the Marriott)

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