Sunday, November 4, 2012

Philip Willey – November 2012 – Artist of the Month


I was born in England in 1941. After grammar school I worked in a bank until
I got attracted to things like the Aldermaston March and jazz clubs. I soon became
involved in the counterculture. There was a lot of counterculture going on in the Sixties.
Swinging London as it was called. I hung around the fringes of the music business.
Roadies we were called. Probably if I’d stayed I’d be like Richard Branson. Or homeless.
Anyway I traveled around the world and arrived in Canada in 1973 and raised a family
(with help of course). B.C. is the place where I feel most at home.

Art is something I’ve always done but never seriously enough to call it a career. Likewise
writing. I’ve written for a lot of art publications and I enjoy doing it. I’m not comfortable
calling myself a writer but I’m flattered if other people do it.

I see painting as a way of making sense of things. Art as dream. Artists attempt to realize
ideas. Perhaps there was a time when I aspired to making art history but my work has
become more personal. Lately I’ve been doing a series of small paintings which have to do
with my feelings about living in Victoria. Also I’ve been sifting through old sketches trying
to recreate memories of times and places and incorporating more recent concerns.

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