Monday, October 1, 2012

Chiarina Loggia – October 2012 – Artist of the Month !

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Chiarina Loggia is an award winning artist living in Victoria, BC, Canada. She exhibits widely throughout the year in Victoria and around the country. Painter, printmaker, poet – her art is a lyrical dance of imagery and words on a voyage of discovery, destination unknown.

“One of the great joys of making art is making connections with other people through it, often by finding meaning in the work that is both unintended and yet surprisingly insightful. When creating art my ultimate goal is to produce works that I hope will resonate deeply with the viewer and elicit an emotional response.

My inspiration comes from the relationships and experiences in my life. Meditations on love and loss, solitude and connection, constancy and impermanence, strength and fragility, beauty and sorrow, passion and compassion abound in my work. Places I have lived, especially Japan, have left their indelible mark and developed my aesthetic sensibilities.

I am continually attempting to push boundaries in my art, delving into subjects and ideas that take me out of my comfort zone. Self portraits are the most personal, challenging and intimidating artworks I feel I can do. Through these and other figurative studies I strive to express something universal in the personal.”

Chiarina’s art is in collections worldwide and can be seen in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s art rental program and in the School House Studio in Metchosin at 4495 Happy Valley Road where she works and teaches. At present she has works in BIMPE, a biennial mini print exhibit touring in various venues in Vancouver. In November she will be participating in Stinking Fish at the Metchosin Art Gallery.

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