Friday, June 15, 2012

A Portrait of Myfanwy Pavelic- film by Agustin Luviano-Cordero

Myfanwy Pavelic-Portrait of a Portrairt film by Agustin
June 1, 2012
5 years plus 22 days ago, you went back to Artist's Heaven.
One year later,Tessa followed you and now both of you have joined your beloved Niki forever.
Are you still painting portraits, Myfamwy?
Being in Spirit Form is being in a way that is so far removed from the Earth existence that we cannot even begin to understand what it looks like, even if somebody was to be allowed to return to the Earth realm again and share it with us.  Right, Myfanwy?
Myfanwy, Tessa and Niki, you all three live in my Heart and  in the hearts of all those people that you touched during your stay on this Planet.  I miss you very much and I do not think that I have ever or
will ever meet another such a unique, special and most pure  and innocent woman Artist in my Life, like when I met you and I was honoured with your friendship and our artistic collaborations for so many glowing years.  Both of these actions gave us a lot of laughs, satisfactions and magic. I cannot truly count how many times I visited you at that studio that felt like a second home to me and where the ringing of that entrance bell and hearing your voice answering,
would indicate the start of a door soon to be opened by you and a voyage into the worlds where you,
Katharine Hepburn, Yehudi Menuhin, Pierre Trudeau and so many more artists that again would be impossible to name them all, would come and join you in those precious moments that they were for all of us,when we were with you in your company and in your studio.
For me your studio at Spencerwood was like a homecoming every time that I went there
and partook of your company and activities or collaborations, for you and I were always working on some artistic project or a collaboration towards the same luminous result. For you, Myfanwy there was never a tomorrow or next week or next month, like it is so typical in Victoria.
It was always a NOW.  No other time perception existed for you when it was work, artistic creation or collaboration.  NOW was the only time that you ever lived in or knew in your artistic creation, decisions or collaborations. I better stop here, for all the things that I want to tell you or to share with you would need at least a Blog of their own.
On June 25, 2012, still near the 5th Anniversary of your departure for the Spirit World,
a Broadcaster's Screening Version will be shown at the Movie Madness
( my affectionate name for them). Their real name is Movie Monday.
Admission is by donation and soft drinks and popcorn are 1 dollar a pop (excuse the pun :) .
For some reason that Bruce Sauders, founder and director of MM only knows,
you are being screened in a month that shows films on world-famous women like Marilyn (Monroe),
Margaret (Thatcher) and Myfanwy (Pavelic).
3 ladies with a letter M in their first names. Of course I only care for you, out of the three ladies being
screened at MM.  You, of course, know that too, Myfanwy!
Missing you so much still.
Film: A Portrait of Myfanwy Pavelic (2012) (48 min. running time)
by: Agustin Luviano-Cordero
A Broadcaster's  Screening Version exclusive for Movie Monday 
When : Monday, June 25, 2012; 6:30 and 8:30 PM 
Admission: Free or by Donation.
WHERE: The Eric Martin Pavillion Auditorium
in the 1900 block of Fort St., near Foul Bay Rd.

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  1. Hi Agustin, I have not seen you in ages. It seems like you moved away. I hope not !I am Diane. Last time I saw you was at Moss St. Paint in. I can be be reached at