Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“ Watch This Space “ by Tyler Hodgins


A covered walkway, painted entirely in flat black and elevated about a foot above a grassy area, creates a square path to navigate around the “site,” and is accessible from one corner.  The interior of the structure, a four by four by eight foot space, has left the grass intact, or rather, the grass has been preserved within the confines of the structure.  Each side has a viewing hole at an appropriate height for an average size person to look through.  The interior walls are mirrored (using sheets of mirrored acylic), creating an effect suggestive of repeating space or grass in all directions, punctuated only by the peepholes.  Looking through these peepholes, the observer’s self-image or reflection is negated by the opposite peephole, further contributing to the illusion of vastness.

This piece was created in response to the ArtCity Festival of Art, Design, and Architecture call for public artworks that address the theme of "Boom or Bust". It currently resides at the Vancouver Island School of Art. I was struck by the contrast between the interior world of a construction site and the activities of those who take a passing interest on the outside, as well as by the promise of what lies behind the wall versus what actually sits there.  It is becoming more common for a site to sit abandoned for months or even years while the interior terrain takes on a life of its own.  Ponds form, weeds flourish, equipment lies unused.  This remains in contradiction to the sometimes faded promise of modern design and urban living.

The installation can be enjoy at the grounds of the Vancouver Island School of Art 
2549 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC

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