Friday, November 25, 2011

Steven Brekelmans, Heather Carey, Jessica Karuhanga Christopher Lindsay, Yang Liu, Dong-Kyoon Nam Sasha Opeiko, Paola Savasta, Anne Steves , Matt Trahan at Deluge Contemporary Art

surfaceair Yang Liu from Melting Snow -Deluge

Surface To Air
Organized by the curatorial collective This Side Up for Deluge Contemporary Art, the exhibition surface to air features the work of 11 young international artists presently convened in Victoria, BC. Working in diverse media such as paint, metal, wood and thread, within a framework of considered materiality, the artists in this exhibition explore the optics of restriction and expansion as applied to space and surface. Through nuanced direction and quiet revelation, the work in surface to air asks the viewer to consider the power and depths of solitary constituents which, through their interactions, seek to evolve into a cognitive, yet ever-expanding whole.
Opening Friday, November 25, 7pm
Deluge Contemporary Art
636 Yates St.
Phone:250 385 3327

Watch video of the opening 

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