Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kate Scoones at Polychrome Fine Arts Gallery

The cliché phrase "Wish You Were Here" reflects a desire; a nostalgic yearning for something else, such as one's childhood, a first love or better hair!  Kate Scoones paints in response to this desire. Scoones' imagery is often sourced from vintage b&w photographs which lay bare the personal and the poetic of the everyday snapshot, exposing unintended awkward moments of self-consciousness. She mixes a colour palette influenced by 1950s film noir artwork; holiday postcards and Kodak slide film. Often beginning with a wood panel of a discarded painting, she will sand and rebuild the paint several times resulting in a worn and scarred yet smooth surface. Her intention is to create a visual experience of sweetness which has been eroded away, of banality that has been transformed and of a time which has past.

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