Thursday, May 13, 2010

David Goatley at Morris Gallery

A ten year journey

David Goatley is best known as a portrait painter. His portraits of Prime Minister Kim Campbell and Speaker Gilbert Parent hang on Parliament Hill, Lt Governors Iona Campagnolo and James Dunsmuir were painted for Government House, his work is in private and corporate collections across Canada and in 21 US states. With over 300 commissioned portraits completed in the past 20 years, David is often asked - what else do you paint?
 This exhibition is part of the answer.
 David has always liked to travel and to paint what he finds when his portrait schedule allows. Here you will find images of London, India and the fields of Kent. Landscapes, townscapes and people pictures from Canada to Karnataka. Recollections of people he has met and places he has seen in paintings and drawings collected over the past decade. 

Opening Reception : Thurs. May 13,2010 at 7pm 

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