Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Off Topic: The 2010 Camosun College Visual Arts graduation exhibit

This exhibition showcases the talents of artists coming from across Canada, as well as the USA, Japan, Korea and Thailand. For the last two years they have shared studios, tools, and worked together at Camosun’s Lansdowne campus. OFF TOPIC is their second group show off campus before they break out into the local and international art community.
The 2010 Grad Class includes: Ashley Ahn, Bonnie Hosokawa, Ciao Law, Clara J. Paradis, Clare Elizabeth Rose, Erika Hatano, Inhae Choi, Jenny "Jay" M. Davies, Kana Okamoto, Kazumi Nishikawa, Kori Gladstone, Kristen Wallace, Kyla B. Mitchell, Leanne Weflen, Leyla Mitchell, Leanne Zanon, Megan Bosence, Megan Oliver, Meredith Fraser, Renae Garon, Roshi Clark, Sacha Van Wagenberg, Terri-Lynn Cahill, Tia Casper, Torrance Beamish, Visarut Teerawatvichaikul, Whitney Nichol, Will Rankine, Emily Stevens.
Exhibition continues until  April  30, 11am-5pm.  Market Square, unit #17A Victoria, BC  Canada


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