Friday, April 30, 2010

Ira Hoffecker by Debora Alanna

Urban Settings
Dales Gallery
8 April – 4 May 2010

Ira Hoffecker structures perception. She describes the correspondence between architectural reference and historical elements with expansive plotting, Commuting angular shapes to ideas, Hoffecker incorporates the filtration of deep reflection into her canvases. She bolsters her visions with complex stimulation, considering artists like Nicolas de Stael, Robert Motherwell, Hans Hofmann and Robert Rauschenberg. Her unique discernment references that abstractionist vocabulary, while instilling a fresh spaciousness into her work.
Imprints of metal forms encourage an industrial orientation within the canvas plane that builds the agenda for the work. Features, such as text swatches and print transfers delineate the topography of her paintings like fleeting, cherished memories. Drips punctuate with calculated incursion. The visual acuity of some work is cultivated by raising canvas levels, incorporating metal remnants on or under the surface and scraping or sanding paint away to reveal pigment levels, sharing a significant depth of past proceedings.
Hoffecker’s canvases are sometimes raw and stained with squared apertures, hues inviting introspection. They comfortably interrelate cooperatively, with gestural line drawings that dance amongst the calculated balance. Some surfaces are impressed with resin, high gloss lustre that holds the saturated colour strokes, reflecting back to the viewer. She mirrors recollections that exude tenacity. Here, the integrated compositions of abstracted form and materials of cosmopolitan life are a presence that shines fearlessly.
Through Urban Settings, we witness Hoffecker’s visualization of urban life that compels us to relinquish literal identification of city existence for a sincere, intangible understanding of the metropolitan experience. Incorporating snippets and traces of artifices of the world we inhabit, enigmatic layered allusions to history superimpose drenched colour to ascertain a provocative discourse about urbanity. Hoffecker acknowledges the experience can be stark as the unbleached linen she employs or as mesmerizing as the resin glow. She gives us a privileged insight into her lucid analysis. Ira Hoffecker takes us on an unfolding journey. 

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