Thursday, April 15, 2010

Detlef Grundmann and Ian Laval at Coast Collective Gallery

The exhibition is the work of two Vancouver Island designer/furnituremakers, Detlef Grundmann and Ian Laval. The first works with more contemporary designs and the second is closer to the classic tradition. Both are dedicated professionals.

DetlefGrundmann produces one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and a range of smaller, functional items, including unique boxes. Ian Laval, a full-time professional furnituremaker since 1970, makes pieces in a more traditional vein, with cautious forays into a more contemporary mode. They share a common interest in using native materials –among them Vancouver Island’s Garry oak and big-leaf maple, Douglas fir,
maple and a variety of others.

Both are concerned with the integrity of traditional construction. Clean lines, curves and natural shapes are a signature of Grundmann’s style. Proportion embellished by stunningly beautiful veneers sawn from local trees is Laval’s stock-in-trade.

Both furnituremakers are escapees from previous and greatly different careers. Each lives in the Victoria area. The exhibition is supported by selected paintings, woodturning and fabric art by Kathy Cameron, Phil Cottell & Barri Hearn, Zara Lau, Vicki Postl, Lisa Riehl & Tim Soutar.

The show is open Thursday to Sunday each week from April 15-25, noon to 5:00pm.

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