Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Debora Alanna for exhibit-v!

We are pleased to announce that Debora Alanna will be other of our contributors to the new section WRITE-UPS !

I write about sensibilities projected by work considered. I discuss the essence, what is contingent to the art, what is projected. Art succeeds to transform our understanding. My writing features these observable facts.

In the 90’s the Hong Kong publisher, Ian Brown of Asian Sculpture News, now World Sculpture News included my articles on sculptural practice - individuals and group expositions in his publication. The Times of India, Ahmedabad published my features on culture, relationships connecting architecture and urbanity, and the culmination of curators’ visions in group exhibits. For the last decade, my professional writing, utilized by non-profit organizations, has facilitated consideration of pertinent public issues.

A graduate of Ontario College of Art, my art practice has enabled expositions in Brazil, Kazakhstan, Spain, France, Italy, India and Canada. My new home, Victoria, is creating vitalizing developments in my career. Writing for Exhibit-v is a welcome opportunity to share my observations about art in this on-line context. In my writing, I will discuss art to further the artist’s audience. I consider myself an advocate for artists. Your views about my explications are welcome.


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