Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wren Katzalay - March 2010 - Artist Of the Month !

I have spent my artistic life in pursuit of that intangible something, that place in-between where it all makes sense.
My practice is process focused, and although I may have an idea or subject that I begin with, my work evolves in the studio. The explorations in my work take place with a variety of materials and tools: plaster, paper, paint, photography, graphite, charcoal. Then the materials are layered, scratched into scrapped away, and added back hinting that a deeper meaning lies beneath the surface.

The fleeting moments of memory dominate my work at present, I am interested in the process we go through to suppress memories or elaborate an event. I create works that are reminiscent of old walls and or derelict buildings and spaces.

Memories can be buried within the walls and structures and in theory our memories and experiences can live on in the buildings long after we are gone. Hence the saying, “If these walls could talk”

Recognizing that we all have our own stories, I attempt to find and honor mine, by developing a visual language that brings my stories to a world beyond the canvas. Allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusion yet with some sense of knowing that we have connected.


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