Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wendy Skog in "Question Period "

1- What is more important to you? The subject matter or the composition or structure?
Subject matter doesn't exist in my work aside from the visual record of a journey without a forseeable destination evolving toward a point of harmony.
2-Is the title important for you?
Yes when I see that a piece feels like hopscotch on a hot summer day, that's what I call it.
3-Should art be created to withstand the test of time or is it more realistic to create works that eventually wears away?
Everything wears away in time but I try to create work with the best possible materials so that the artwork can live to a ripe old age.
4-Do artists create art to have their ideas validated or so that they can be accepted?
I try to avoid ideas in my artwork so that the work can be felt rather than interpreted intellectually.
5-Why do you do what you do ?
Because art is so very important. How often do we make something out of nothing?


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