Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dylan Thomas in " Question Period "

1)What is more important to you? The subject matter, the composition or structure? I believe that in visual art, composition and structure is generally more important than subject matter. In certain projects I have done the subject matter is very important in others it it is less, but I have never done a piece of art where the weight, flow and balance was not the most important aspects driving the creation of the art.

2)Is the title important for you? Yes. A title can determine the mood and depth of a piece of art as well as completely change the way it is viewed. The artist lessLIE uses poetic plays on words in alot of his titles and it keeps his audience intrigued by giving them more to think about. Even leaving an art piece untitled can be loud statement itself, suggesting that visual aspects of the art states everything the artist was trying to communicate.

3)Should art be created to withstand the test of time or is it more realistic to create works that eventually wears away? I think that there is a place for both timeless art and era specific art. There are types of music that are timeless and types of music that seemed to only be popular during certain periods and as peoples ideals and interests changed so did
their taste in music. But that does not mean that the music was not important during its time of popularity. And I think the same can be said for visual art. But in traditional and indigenous arts such as Salish art I think the goal is to be timeless. The reason that people still practice indigenous arts is because the foundation left by our ancestors are still incredibly inspiring. And I hope that if people look at my art hundreds of years from now they will still be inspired to carry on the Salish traditions.

4)Do artists create art to have their ideas validated or so that they can be accepted? I can't speak for other artists but acceptance is not the driving force behind my creation. I would continue to do create art even if there was no one in the world to see it. But that being said it is still very pleasing for your art to be accepted and admired. And it is especially gratifying when an artisit you look to for inspiration enjoys your work.

5) Why do you do what you do ? The power that drives me to create seems to be beyond myself. It is something that has always been in me and never leaves my spirit. I think it is life itself. And if you let life flow through you, then creation is bound to happen.

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